Thursday, April 16, 2009

Human tetris is spreading wide

Who among you has not laughed at the Japanese TV Show "Human Tetris?" I mean, come one, who are they kidding, those poses are impossible. Some of them require a lack of limbs. Some of them require the ability to fly....

...but in the Netherlands, they require a bikini.

That's right, the Japanese sensation is spreading across the globe. It started when the producers of Big Brother 3 decided to start the Australian version, and next thing you know, the damn show is spreading across the globe like a wildfire.

Next thing you know, you'll be turning on ESPN and watching dudes taking nutshots for saying a sentence wrong at lightning speed. Actually, when you're watching ESPN these days, you're seeing not much more than POKER anymore, so maybe it'd be an improvement.

Well, I'd rather hoped my Japanese brethren would keep their love for punishment shows within their borders, but it doesn't look like they have much of a choice. Hopefully they're getting some royalties out of the deal, eh. Last thing we need is some pissed off Japanese producer; he'd probably come up with something so unbelievably painful that it would hurt us just to watch it.

I thought that when Extreme Elimination Challenge, Ninja Warrior, and many other shows started bleeding onto American TV that it was going to continue the trend of taking the actual footage from the show and adding translations (some of course just for gags), but now it appears that we're going to start remaking them. Just remember that I warned you when you start seeing Karaoke shows with people that will stop at nothing to prove that....

Oh wait, we already have American Idol!

I give the Australian producers an F for fail. They should have just brought the show into their own country instead of remaking it. Now look what they've done. People seriously gotta learn that actions have consequences.

Of course, I give Japanese human tetris an A+ for awesomeness. I also give the nutshot show I was refering to an A because, man, those guys have to be mentally incability of distinguishing good ideas from bad ones...and I get to laugh at them the whole time