Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Adventures of Mini Goddess

Guess what? Everyone's favorite set of Norse goddesses are once again loose in Japan, in a whole new adventure. The Goddesses of past, present and future are cuter and more mischievous than ever, with wonderful English and Japanese voice casts, including the well known English voice actress Bridget Hoffman, who did such anime as "Magic Knight Rayearth." This Anime will leave you on the floor laughing.

This is an amusing add-on to the series "Ah! My Goddess," or AMG, created by the mankaga Kosuke Fujishima, who also helped to create great animes such as "You're Under Arrest" and "Gungrave." This entire series consists of individual small segments that seem to have happened in-between episodes of AMG, when the main character, Keiichi Morisato, is at school or missing in some way. The show's premise is that the Goddesses are bored so they become small and have adventures around the house. Instead of a serious storyline with a comedic twist that's based around a romance, Adventures of the Mini Goddess is a 100% goofball, fool around anime that will make you laugh your socks off.

The truth is when I watched this anime I was rolling around the floor laughing. It definitely is focused toward children, but it is hilarious. Adventures of the Mini Goddess focuses in on Skuld, Urd and a rat named Gan-chan. They go on adventures around the house that include a treasure hunt in the attic and the attack of a mold-based Godzilla-like monster that Gan-chan turns into when he eats something moldy. All the episodes are really short and I don't think they are really stand-alone. I would rather have them either at the end of every episode of AMG, or a few attached onto the AMG DVDs, either the OAV or the TV series; both of which will be reviewed later. It cannot be more then a goofy little show that follows its much better big sister. This series really lacks that stand-alone quality.

The animation is completely different; it's done in a completely different way that focuses on the cuteness. All the characters are cute and small, and all their trials and tribulations are kind of sillier then serious or life threatening. It brings out the silly aspect of the original series yet doesn't give the sincere romantic story that its big sister gives. This is disappointing because all the jokes and silliness only took this reviewer so far until I wanted actual story and content. That's why as I said before that it should not be a stand alone series; it should be more connected to AMG then just by name.

All and all this is an entertaining series that will yet again leave on the floor laughing, but it's got no substance and is just silliness. It will leave you, if you're like me, wanting much more. If you are interested in this I suggest you check out the OVA, the TV series, or the manga of AMG. The show is licensed by Media Blasters, and the manga is licensed by Dark Horse comics.

All together this Series gives all the goofy cute fun you can use, however none of the other elements that AMG gave us. This series gets a B+

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