Friday, June 1, 2007

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero

By Angela C. Finneran


Take air-guitaring to the next level with Guitar Hero for the PlayStation 2 or X-Box. This game is great for the music lover and musician-impaired alike. Now you too can be a rock star, in the privacy of your own home or in the company of friends without years of lessons or having a band.

Similar to Dance Dance Revolution (also made by RedOctane) the object of the game is to hit to correct button at the correct time as the note scrolls by on the screen to your chosen song. If you miss a note or hit the wrong one, your guitar part of the song will not play or play correctly. If you miss too many notes the audience will boo you off the stage and the song will end. The game comes with the options for a two-player duel with a friend, arcade style quick play, or career mode where you can earn money to personalize your character or buy new songs.

Guitar Hero has four skill levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. No matter what level you may be as, some songs are more difficult then others and increase in difficulty as you work your way through the song list. Just like playing a real instrument, practice makes perfect.

If you love classic rock of the 70's and 80's such as ZZ Top, Moterhead, and Blue Oyster Cult mixed with the modern rock of Queens of the Stone Age and Sum 41, then this is the game for you.



Purchase recommendation: The game includes one guitar controller, but you may find that unless you have completely shunned society, you will want a second controller. Having your friends playing with you is better then switching turns. But, beware of sticker shock. On you can purchase the game/controller bundle pack and extra (wireless) controller for around $124.98 if you are buying for the Play Station 2. However, it's cheaper then a real guitar and years of lessons.

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