Sunday, December 9, 2007

How to hold a Phantom Hourglass

When you get a Nintendo system, there is always one game that you should get. Now that the DS Lite has become the common device, it's time that we had a good review of yet another story in the Zelda Saga.

Okay, so this game is full of all the Zelda-like components that we've come to love: sword-swinging young guys, a damsel in distress, little munchkin like enemies hitting us and taking our hearts, puzzles and, of course, Pirates....wait what?

That's right, in this version, Link is a pirate, in fact, so is Zelda. Interesting twist eh? Not really, well fine Stinky McMood Spoiler, pick up the game and play it for yourself if you don't agree that ship sailing is a fine addition into the Zelda universe.

Okay, now mind you this is old, but when I first started this post in October (Yes, I got side-tracked) it was brand spankin' new. And well, it's still entertaining, so yes I decided to come back to it. But I can tell you that it is a fun game.

Now you may get lost in all the puzzles and find yourself running back and forth, trying over and over again to solve the darn things, but since all I had to do was move my little fairy person around the screen and Link followed, that was easy enough. Definitely easier than doing battle on the WII version of Zelda...*GASP*

Yes, I know, I just committed blasphemy, but come on, with the DS's built in microphone, you actually have to shout at some enemies in this version to break them into pieces. Yes, instead of just interacting with the game via controllers, that granted you have to stand up and wave around like you're going throw epilepic seizures or something, the gamer must actually do some work to defeat the enemies. You will not be able to finish this game casually sitting at your desk at work or in the back of the classroom, oh no, you'll actually have to yell.

But, once its over, its over, so you know, you'll probably want to invest in more games than just this one. I know *gasp* again, but hey, as much as I love Zelda, you should always have a back-up supply of something else to tide you over between games, because, well, it takes so darn long.

I give it a A- for piratey goodness.

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