Saturday, August 23, 2008

Episode 2 and 3 DnD Time

Episode 2, Dnd Movie review

It violated our brains and our chasity.
One liner notes:
Sexual Tenion rod of Dragons
Blue Lips loves his master
Cg is Cg
Jailbait = more CG = Ow Brain
Horrible Movie
Matrix ripoffs
Man Eating Scrolls
Random Purple Guy
Masks are worse the CG
Better time = Brick to Important places
Better Movie = kill cast + Hire Monkies
Queen Elizibith wana be *beep* *beep* *beep* GO AWAY
Where did the blood go....?
Where is the creepy Ear tenticle?
Writers tased then shanked
Magic Dust
Shorty WHY
Oh thank you sweet embrace of death
Edit out the scenes that make sense
Our Conclusion, Makes more sense as a porno
F- on both sides

Dnd Movie 2 Wrath of the Dragon God
Oh the sweet embrace of.... wait this is a better movie
Guest star Steven Lynch

Where is the five headed Dragon of freaken Doom

first of all this is a much better movie. That doesn't make it a GOOD movie but it's a better movie.
Go reading your sourece meterial
So we actualy enjoyed this movie, it was fun and it was exciting, it was your standard fantasey movie but it is standard. It was fantastic after watching the first one.
The Blood was back
we gave it a C and a C+

Sorry Agian for the crappy notes, they will improve as I get used to doing this
Now for a moment of Happiness

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Holy friggin' crap, someone else is posting in the Nerd Evolution Group. I thought that it was a dead monkey, but I'm so extraordinarily happy right now that I may crap myself.

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