Saturday, August 23, 2008

I am back

After a long time ago, I the creature of Nerd Evolution will step up and once and agian be part of the great project that is Nerd Evolution. I have done this with the newest incarnation of the Nerd Evolution Podcast. Now I have been running this podcast for quite some time and I realized that I have not been follwing through with my duties towrds this site that Scott has been working so hard on. So Here from now on I will be putting show notes and pictures and maybe even in the future a Nerd Evolution Podcast webcomic will be on here, detailing or fantastic adventures thorugh Nerd Culture Reviewing. Enjoy....
Your Hosts

Kosh and Nick

Now lets start with Nerd Evolution Episode one
lets start off by saying OMFG I sound terrible....
however I need to suck it up and say hey this is a decent start.
Our E-mail is
So episode one is a review of Bubblegum Crisis
with guest starts from Star Craft

Bubblegum Crisis

Theres not much I can say about it that was not said in the review, My show notes will get better but right now I have alot of backlog so I wana get this out there but show notes will imporve as I do them durring the creation process, so once agian forgive me

Nick (KittySnipper)

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Heero2020 said...

I will only forgive you if you spell AGAIN correctly.


Done away with the editors I see. :) ALRIGHT. I found that it speeds up the process