Sunday, August 31, 2008


Unbeknownst to some of you audiencey-types, I'm actually living in South Korea right now, and since this blog has experienced a rejuvination of sorts, I figured it was time that I make a post. I know, that destroys our entire scheme of 2 a month, but what the hell, it's September where I'm at. Actually, it'll probably post just fine when I actually finish this thing.

Anyway, so I know you all may be wondering what the hell a PC bang (pronounced BONG like the thing you smoke with) is, and I answer: A giant friggin' room where every korean person and their brother goes to play Starcraft. Okay, not just Starcraft, but WoW, Counter-strike, Portal, Lineage, Monster Hunter: Frontiers (that new MMORPG only in Asia) and so on. It's like the gaming nerds wet dream.

And who wouldn't be friggin' impressed with it? I mean, its like 20+ computers all LANned up and loaded with everyone's favorite shoot 'em, kill 'em, build and destroy 'em games, all for 1000 won an hour. Ah, that's the catch isn't it. Yeah, it costs you $1 every hour, but who wouldn't shell out a buck an hour to kill, maim, and utterly destroy their best friends in the most humiliating way possible? I don't know anyone. I mean, if you think about it, how much does it cost you play a game of Street Fighter at the arcade anymore? 50 cents, a dollar. And how long do you last? Two minutes, maybe three if you're lucky.

But lets say WoW, CS, and Starcraft just aren't your thing? (What the hell are you doing in a PC Bang then) Well, you can still use the computer for T1 speed internet access to check your email, chat with your friends, or generally just surf your favorite sites. The best part about a PC bang is that there's also food somewhere in the room that you can munch on for a small fee. At some of the higher scale places, you can even order it from the computer and have it brought to you when its done being microwaved, cooked, or taken out of the fridge. They just charge it to your bill at the end and WAM! you've had yourself a good old time.

Now, I know a PC bang doesn't technically fall under our category of stuff we talk about here at Nerd Evolution, but it is the place to be if you are a PC gamin' nerd, so I thought it was pertinent to discuss. I mean, if I were taking a trip to Korea (psst which I am) I would like to know where I can get my relatively cheap gaming fix.

So, I give the PC Bang an A+ for freakin' awesomeness.

Oh, and I give the food at a PC Bang a C (be careful, some of it will kill you)

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